The Barn

We use a beautiful and newly-renovated milking barn to house our lesson and training facility. You and your horse will love it here!

Windswept Stables is housed in a beautiful old milking barn built around 1900.  After being used as a milking barn for 20 years it was re-purposed into a metal fabrication shop.  After we renovated the barn it is now returned to it's original intent to house animals- our horses!

In remodeling our barn we made many improvements and have many more upgrades planned.

  • We've gone GREEN by adding SOLAR panels to power the entire training facility and all the houses on the property.  Thank you Solar Energy World for making this possible!  

  • A new outdoor 100x200ft sand /stone dust arena with lights and a fence

  • A large indoor riding arena with dust-free rubber footing that is connected to the main barn.

  • Heated automatic waterers

  • High use areas in the pastures to minimize mud and included permanent manure storage

  • Automatic waterers in the stalls are next on our list!

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